Young Leaders School



At the Young Leaders School children not only learn the wide knowledge base required on any educational system, but most importantly, they are taught to develop some very crucial life skills that research has shown to determine life success and future long-term outcomes more than traditional education. Those crucial life skills include abilities such as public speaking, leadership, persuasiveness, pressure management, and fast learning abilities. It actually does make sense if we think about the capacities required in the real world, as it is always useful to know, for instance, how to manage a tense or stressful situation when resolving a real-life problem, or when trying to make a deal for a new business. As important as having a broad knowledge base is, it is just as important to know how to put that knowledge to use by crafting persuasive arguments, knowing how to interact with people properly and how to be a leader.


These are some of the reasons why the school offers a variety of programs geared toward building these valuable life skills. Consider for example the Elite Leaders Program, designed to instill in your child the mental endurance, persistence, and capacity to set goals evident in the top world leaders.



The Ultimate Public Speaking program is another program specifically designed to teach Public Speaking for Kids in order to make them confident and persuasive orators capable of clearly conveying their ideas and enthralling an audience. The Full Science Experience program, on the other hand, stimulates the curiosity of young minds.