There are several materials that are used for Webbing. It is a special kind of tape made of nylon or polyester and has various uses. Mostly it is used in the outdoor industry. It is a strong fabric that is woven in a flat strip or a tube-like shape and is used alternative to the rope. Today the fabric which is used is mostly nylon, polyester, polypropylene & Kevlar. The reason why it is used in the outdoor industry is that it easily gets woven and is strong and hard. Thereby it can be the best alternative to traditional ropes.


The tubular form is mainly used as a rope or harness whereas the flattened form is used for decorative purpose. In the curtains, mattress or beddings the flattened straps that you see in the border and made of this fabric. It helps to hold the cushion or bedding strongly and prevents sudden tearing of the material. Ladies belts are often made of this fabric. Also in garments, they are used to make designs in the clothes. Some of the traps do contain some part of elastic for a better grip.


Speaking about elastics, one of the most versatile tapes are Elastic Tape. They are highly recommended by orthopedics to cure a fractured bone or muscle. Due to the elastic nature of the fabric, it tends to give a firm grip on the broken area and the elastic nature reduced the pain of being wrapped as it is highly stretchable. Both the products are extremely versatile.