VIE France




VIE France has been organizing and providing amazing and memorable study abroad programs for over four decades. Thousands of students back and recommend the enriching experiences they are able to offer. If you are a teacher or parent of middle school or high school students, particularly those with a strong French background, have you considered the benefits of actually going to France and having complete immersion in the language, culture, and day to day life? Travel is always enriching to our accumulated life experiences. This is particularly true if one gets to travel to another country and live with a typical host family. Your students deserve this opportunity, but you need to choose true professionals to handle the organizing and logistics of the trip. This is where VIE France is glad to assist you.

Their offices are located both in the USA and in Paris, so there is always a human being available on the other side of the phone line. They understand parents and teachers are sending abroad their most valuable assets: Their students, so they take every precautionary measure to make sure they will enjoy and accumulate new knowledge from the experience, but most of all, that they will be safe throughout the trip.

One of the best features of their France student travel programs is Family Stay. This is a component of their program that matches unpaid host families, not houses, but families with at least a child in the same age range as your student.