Trash Chute Sprinkler Heads



If you are the owner of a multi-level commercial complex, security must be a major concern for you. Amongst all other things, providing fire security to everyone and everything within the commercial complex is a very important point and should never be ignored. It is essential that you ensure that the fire security in the complex is maximum and all measures have been taken to ensure that fire cannot spread disastrously in case it starts. And this certainly includes your centralized garbage collection system.



It is quite natural that you have a centralized garbage disposal system in your complex that includes garbage chutes leading to different sections or units. Now, if a fire starts anywhere in the system, it can easily climb up levels and spread to different areas via the chutes. And to stop this, it is essential that you install Garbage Chute Sprinkler close to the chute openings. This will help put out the fire as soon as it tries to reach the chute openings and prevent it from spreading into the commercial space. Sprinklers can be installed at all chute entry points or may be placed on alternate floors of the complex.


A good sprinkler head is what you need for your complex. Installing Trash Chute Sprinkler Heads that are certified by the NFPA can ensure that the fire will not spread beyond the entry point and will be put out by the water gradually. The heads get activated at 165 F and will prevent any damage that the fire could have caused in their absence.