Steve Rattner



Steve Rattner has been known for many years as an economic and political pundit, a real authority in the public arena and now also as a journalist, since becoming a regular contributor for major news sources, such as MSNBC and as a columnist in the New York Times. If keeping up with current affairs seems tedious to you, or you just think that you cannot possibly find the time or would rather not expend so much effort trying to understand difficult and complex political and economic decisions, let us tell you that there is an easy way to stay informed and not lose your mind or waste your time trying to be well informed.

Most people turn to major news media to stay current, but not all sources are created equal. For example, many people turn to social media networks to get a quick idea of what is going on in the world, but most of these so called news have shown to be mere fabrications and rumors. But it is easy to understand the appeal. These so called news are easily accessible and easily digested, so people naturally turn to them. But what if we told you that there is a great source of information that is both easily understandable and also built on solid foundations?

The YouTube channel for Steven Rattner is easily accessible for anyone to get up to speed on economic and political matters. It is a source you can trust to keep you well informed.