Spiritual Truth



Your health should be the number one priority in your life. You cannot achieve anything in this life if you are mentally or physically inept. All your dreams and everything you envisioned will be down in the gutter if your health is deteriorating. As the wise man once said, ‘A healthy mind is necessary for a healthy body’. Your mental health plays a vital role in the development of your EQ (Emotional Intelligence), and the best way to improve your EQ is to educate yourself on a spiritual level. Human minds are generally curious about everything that happens around, that is because of reaction from the ‘Orient Reflex’.



The reason for your orient reflex is that whenever something startles you, you would have an instant reaction, and that is not something that would just be over within the second, your Orient Reflex actually sometimes lasts for days, even years. That is when you are curious about something. If you are a curious person and you sometimes catch your mind questioning ‘Why?’ to things that cannot be easily answered, then it is time for you to introduce Nexidy in your life. Nexidy is a free platform where all the curious minds get together and have an educational discussion.


It doesn’t matter, if your thoughts are not too open-minded for an average human being, you can discuss anything on Nexidy. You will be surprised to meet people like you on Nexidy; you can either share your thoughts or have a debate with them. You can shop now at shop.nexidy.com