Servidores Dedicados



A feature of the 21st century and the digital era, replacing manufacturing industries are high tech facilities known as data centres. These are a collection of specialist computers known as servers. These computers are specialised designed to be high powered, with fast internet connections and to run continuously 24 hours a day, every day. They can be used to run software, store information or direct data and requests through local or global computer networks including the world wide web. You may have even seen these glimmering factories of the future, humming away with very few cars parked around and seemingly quiet from human activity.


On one end of the scale a computer server could be just a simple Desktop PC, running on a computer network to store data and distribute information. Obviously on a larger scale for business use this would not be reliable or powerful enough to be suitable. So, on the other end of the scale Large companies and also public and government bodies, will own their own massive datacentres based out of huge warehouse buildings with mega power supplies, security and cooling (lots of high end computers running continuously generates a lot of heat!). There is also another type of data centre which is run by a private company but for the benefit of smaller companies or individual who want to lease server power without having to invest in their own data centre facilities.


One such company is Severis data centre services. They are the number one provider of ‘Servidores Dedicados’, dedicated servers in Mexico since they offer unrivalled speed, power and bandwidth at competitive prices. Backed by their 19 years of experience and hardworking customer service team. They offer a massive range of different packages, allowing you to pick and choose exactly which server technology you need and how much – all fully customisable for a truly personal and responsive service. In no time at all you can get access to your own remote computer server, which you can either use for running your own software or creating safe and secure off-site backups – a necessity for data protection and fail-safe security.


The benefit of your own Servidor Dedicado, i.e. your own Mexican dedicated server, is that this is effectively a computer that is leased exclusively to you and it is not performing any other function. Giving you the highest possible standards in security and performance. This is different to cloud servers, virtual servers l or resellers of servers. Another benefit offered to customers of Severis data centre services is the latest technology available. They use the newest processors, have their own Smart Server technology and have fully integrated Tier IV Data Centre Technology. Their priority to providing 100% up time on their servers means they have a team dedicated to constantly monitoring and maintaining their systems. Try out their services and you will be amazed at the speed, reliability and best of all the prices are even cheaper than less capable systems from their competitors.