Ronald Perelman



At seventy four years old, Ronald Perelman has built a long  and successful career in the fields of finance, investment and as a supremely effective deal maker. To learn more about his secret to success, one necessarily has to look back on his career and academic background to begin understanding how a successful business man is created. To be sure, there are many talents and special skills required in order to become truly successful in business and investment, particularly when it comes to managing large sums of money and risky stakes. This is why if you are thinking about following in the footsteps of Mr. Perelman, or just curious about how some people are able to be so successful in business and be able to amass large fortunes, you would be wise to learn about how he got started. Of course, no two success stories are the same, but the story of Mr. Perelman is certainly fascinating.


Ron Perelman started out in business as a very young child, often attending board meeting in the company of his father. Surely, these early experiences must have left an impression of young Mr. Perelman, so much so that he later graduated with a degree in business from the prestigious and globally recognized Wharton Business School at the University of Pennsylvania. The net worth of Mr. Perelman is currently estimated to be between twelve to seventeen billion dollars, giving generously to many and varied causes, from his alma mater to building art centers.