Reusable Car Air Freshener

Would you shop from an online merchandiser that sells Eco Friendly Jewelry and organic cotton clothing for both men and women? If so, you should check out the merchandise on Fiheroe’s website. Their jewelry is made from recycled and other environmentally friendly materials such as bronze, silver, turquoise, vegetable leather and volcanic rock. They also have a line of healing totem jewelry that promotes mental, physical and spiritual health as well as sustainability.

In addition to clothing and jewelry, the website sells a Reusable Car Air Freshener in many styles including gold and silver butterflies and elephants. These air fresheners are safer for the environment than the disposable trees and plastic clip-ons that people normally purchase for their vehicles. And in silver and gold and sometimes crystal, they also look better! They come with long lasting aromatic scent packs that can be refilled when needed. You can choose from jasmine, lemon or ocean.

Not only are all the products available for purchase on the website made from natural, environmentally safe materials, but these products respect animal rights. The products are not made from animals or tested on animals. Many of the jewelry and clothing items do feature animals, but out of respect for their beauty. Most items on the website cost less than $20 and qualify for free shipping. Your order will most likely be processed within two days of when you place it. If you love jewelry, air fresheners, accessories and the environment, then check out their website and make a purchase today!