Restaurant Marrakech

If you enjoy Italian food and a gourmet dining experience, and are looking for a Restaurant Marrakech in Morocco, then there is a restaurant that you might be interested in. Mod Milano 1933 is an upscale restaurant that serves authentic Italian cuisine and is in the Hivernage district of Marrakech. This district is very well known for its nightlife scene, so the restaurant, lounge bar and night club fits right in with its surroundings.

Executive Chef Francesco Montano puts a unique twist on traditional Italian cuisine by using Mediterranean and European dishes for inspiration. Montano also uses fresh, as well as seasonal ingredients to prepare his dishes. The restaurant does feature Italian dishes, so you can expect a variety of pasta and pizza dishes. Some of the other cuisine you can expect to try at Mod Milano 1933 include Calamari Salad, Risotto, Beef Bresaola and Chicken with pumpkin and mushrooms. For dessert, try a raspberry tart or the classic Italian dessert tiramisu. Choose a select wine from their wine menu to enjoy along with your meal. Or, meet a friend for cocktails at the bar.

This Restaurant Italien Marrakech opens every night at 7 pm. Food prices are in the moderate to high range, but you are paying for quality food and sophisticated dining. Many of the online reviews of Mod Milano 1933 are positive and compliment the food, atmosphere and service. To find out more about the restaurant and to find out how to make reservations, check out their website.