Residential landscaping Philadelphia



Philadelphia Landscaping is the premier provider of Lawn Care Philadelphia services. If a perfectly manicured lawn or a professionally designed garden is what you are after ad the perfect addition to your home, then there is no better team you need to call than the professionals at Philadelphia Landscaping. Why? Well, read on and let us give you further details about the great Residential landscaping Philadelphia services offered by Philadelphia Landscaping, as well as what makes them the best landscaping team in the market. This company understands your needs come first. Because the customer is always right, their professional technicians are trained to listen to your requirements and tailor their services to your particular case. This is how we know your satisfaction is guaranteed. Are you still skeptical? Then please check out the amazing reviews left by satisfied clients who have experience dealing with Philadelphia Landscaping. In addition to this, all of their technicians are professionally certified, bonded, and insured. This ensures that the team sent to work on your garden or lawn will truly know what they need to do to get you the results you expect.


Moreover, since customers usually request different types of services, Philadelphia Landscaping offers a wide variety of alternatives to choose from, according to your particular needs. For example, if you want to keep your garden or lawn in excellent shape all year long, your best option might be to choose their one year round service, a complete package that includes everything that is required to have a healthy and beautiful garden and lawn throughout the year. And we do mean a complete package! Their year long service includes, among other services, lawn mowing, soil fertilization, ph control, tree trimming and tree pruning, edging, lump removal, surface insect control, weed control, preventive white grub control, mechanical core lawn aeration, vegetation control, and many more! See why we said it was a complete package? There is hardly any other company able to offer all of this for Residential landscaping Philadelphia. But what if you do not need so many services? Then you can choose among their seasonal services, such as tree trimming and pruning, clean up services, leaves raking in the spring, new plantings, and much more.

But what if you need landscaping services instead? Yes! They can handle those projects as well, both big and small, and tailored to every budget. From seasonal clean up services to get rid of all those broken branches and loose leaves cluttering your garden, to deck and patio repairs, to fertilization and mulching services to choose the right type and quantity to use for your garden, and even grading corrections to avoid structural damages to your home. If you have ever notices that your lawn feels like its bogged down with water, this is because water is collecting and not draining properly. This pooled water, if it reaches the foundation of your home, can cause grave damages to your house. Philadelphia Landscaping can fix this too for you!