Red Tea Detox



The daily intake of chemicals and pollutants leads to the formation of toxins in our cells and blood, which may then result in a whole lot of diseases that can sometimes even cause obesity in a person.  Some of these toxins are also acquired from chemicals such as hormones in food, household cleaners, pesticides, chemicals emitted from food storage containers, heavy metals, antibiotics, medicines, food supplements, cigarette smoke and air pollution to name a few.



The Red Tea Detox, better known as a ‘detox’ as its name suggests, is a dietary program to purge the body of toxins. This program includes a diet of vitamins, antioxidants, and foodstuff such as vegetables and fruits high in fiber and water that stimulate defecation and urination thereby eradicating the toxins present in the body.


While talking about this detox program, we would surely like to know What Is Red Tea Detox Ingredients.  In this diet based program, you prepare the tea yourself following the proper guidelines. You will also get a guide chart to help you consume the right foods along with the red tea while also showing what foods to avoid. You can prepare the meals of your preference on the basis of a list of suitable foods. However, this list is liable to change during the different stages of the detox program.



Sometimes an exercise routine of about 20 mins to half an hour is also recommended though it is optional. This part of it motivates one to get all round fit.