Product Photography



Product Photography is basically a part of commercial photography where a product is represented attractively. These photographs are used in product catalogs which are used for advertisement purpose. These are also used in hoardings and banners. Now the question is what challenges are taken by the photographer? His main intention is to represent a product without any distortion. Under professional lighting and soft shadows and reflections, the products are portrayed. Generally, these products are clicked one at a time to provide different textures to the pictures. Normal products are easy to handle whereas transparent or back and white products are difficult to handle.


Some photographers even hire professional models, who hold the products in a different process to bring life to it. A normal psychology of a human being is when we see something is being used by another person; we grow trust in that particular product. Hiring a professional model for product portfolio is costly but effective. It is you who needs to decide. There are numerous websites available online. You can see the Google rating to find out the best Ecommerce Product Photography firm.


For jewelry or cosmetic photography, a special kind of velvety cloth is used where the product is placed to make it look vibrant. For cosmetic, transparent and jewelry product, generally, the rate is more because special effects and techniques are used for such products. It is recommended if you want a portfolio of this kind of complicated product it’s better to do a good market research on different photography firm and then hire.