Positive Psychology

When you think about psychology, you probably think about the study of mental disorders and behaviors. Particularly, one like anxiety and depression. But did you know there is also a branch of psychology that focuses on what makes us as humans happy, and what can keep us that way? This is referred to as positive psychology. This psychology is targeted towards learning and maintaining ways to become happier and remain happy, whether it be in relationships, or at work.

Also referred to as the science of happiness, it focuses more on one’s strengths rather than weaknesses and building up good situations in life. This can be achieved through positive experiences and putting one’s self in a positive state by being around positive or happy people. Another focus in this field is building up one’s emotional intelligence. This is how you understand and manage your emotions as well as other people’s emotions. Doing so can help you to have stronger relationships, as you will be able to relate to others better. It can also help in the workplace, especially in leadership.

You can learn more on both subjects through reading, both articles and books. There have been several articles published and books written on both topics. There are also various TED talks that you can watch online that discuss both. Additionally, you can take classes on positive psychology. There are positive psychologists that teach courses on the subject, and you can take some of them completely online. Most of them are free as well.