Philadelphia Sober Living



Addiction to alcohol and/or drugs is a disease. It can take over your life and make you lose those dearest to you. Are you ready to be free from addiction and start the recovery process? With the structure and support of Philly Recovery Residence for Philadelphia Rehab, you can escape the throws of addiction and start recovery. The first step is to call or text our 24/7 hotline at 215-792-3299.  Or our web site offers live assistance through a messaging service. We will guide you through the first steps of your recovery process and assist you in attending an inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation program.  After at least 30 days in a detoxification and inpatient program, a sober living facility at Philadelphia Recovery Residences is the only next reasonable step. Studies have shown that after rehabilitation, the best chance of maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle is to get the support, structure and guidance of a sober living residence.


At Philly Recovery Residence we offer Philadelphia sober living, and we pride ourselves in providing the most structured sober living environment and providing the most clean, modern and comfortable housing for our sober residents. We set the standard for sober living. The peer support found at a sober living home is also integral to maintaining a healthy, clean future. Our residences are affordable, with a $250.00 initial fee which covers the first week of rent and a $100.00 intake fee. Thereafter, the rent is $150.00 per week. Most of our residents are able to find local daytime jobs while still attending necessary Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Contact Philadelphia Recovery Residences today for all of your recovery needs.