Panasonic PBX System Dubai


You can find the best Panasonic PBX System Dubai to manage all your business communications needs at VDS, the premier provider of telephone and communications products and services, including consulting and professional installation. Every business owners knows that keeping a responsive team of representatives that are ready to tend to the needs of their customers is as essential to the success of the business as selling excellent quality products or services. A great part of building a good customer care service begins with having the right type of equipment. Very little can be accomplished even if you have the most capable representatives and the best trained professionals if getting in touch with your organization is difficult or deficient. So, as your business grows, remember to upgrade your communications system. It is an investment guaranteed to yield a high return in terms of customer satisfaction, and as any savvy business owner know, happy customers equal more business volume.

What can you do to upgrade your telephone, videoconference, VoIP or other communications system within your organization? The first step should be locating a reliable provider of Panasonic Phones Dubai, as well as professional and trustworthy advice, so that you can be sure to make the best decision for your business in terms of both budget and optimality. You, of course, want to avoid over spending or buying a system with too little capacity or with too much capacity for the size of your business as this last event could surely lead to spending more than is really required. So, if you would like to find a reliable purveyor of telephone systems and other communications equipment, look no further than VDS, a company that has been successfully providing both excellent quality professional advice, installation services and only the best telephone and communications products.

Check for example one of the most capable and largest telephone communications systems available, the Panasonic KX-TDA 600 PABX, featuring over six hundred CO lines, more than nine hundred extensions, as well as over nine hundred single line telephones. Surely fit for the larges organizations, this model also includes over five hundred possible extensions and can support over two hundred portable handsets. It of course also includes multi language capabilities, and is easily upgradable so that it can grow with your company without requiring a complete overhaul as your business expands. But what if your business requirements are smaller? VDS has also got you covered. Consider, for instance, the Panasonic KX-TES824, a smaller sized telephone system but with plenty of power to support smaller business ventures. With this model you get up to eight CO lines and twenty four extensions. It also includes caller ID and messaging functionality, so that you can be available for your customers day in and day out, no matter the time. Should you need further guidance to decide which telephone system is better suited to handle your business communications needs, do not hesitate to contact VDS. One of their professional representatives is readily available to answer your questions.