Myles Elgaard Actor



In the year 1994, on 12 of February, Myles Elgaard was born to Gina Elgaard and Ray Elgaard. His father used to play in the football league of Canada and his mother was a special education teacher. Following is father’s footsteps, he also started with the football, but soon after he played the 4th season, he decided to stay out of the sports.



He joined the University of Neveda, as a student of Criminal justice and eventually he was chosen as an officer ranked police. He joined the Las Vegas Metro Police and he worked as a policeman for only 2 years. In his service of 2 years, he won an award “Commendable Action”. By saving a suicidal person he achieved this award in just 2 years of service. Although he enjoyed being an officer, but he left the job of a police officer and decided to start working on his acting skills.


Soon he joined 1 media Productions Acting Academy to know and sharpen his skills as an Actor. Soon he started working under Frank Parrillo and Dan Hewitt-Owens. Understanding his own potentiality as an actor, he decided to stay on this field and with hard work. Soon, he stared in short films like Dirty Cop Secrets, Titan’s Gym and Sibling pressure. He even got a lead role in the TV series Nightmare Gate Box which is going to be one of the best breaks of his life. In case you wish to know a bit more about Myles Elgaard, you can go through online pages and you should get to know all about him.