Menopause Symptoms



What is menopause? It is the stage in a woman’s life where the menstrual cycle comes to an end and the reproduction power gradually decreases. On an average, this stage comes when the woman is about 50. For some, the phase can also be seen early. This stages and difference in body hormones vary from person to person. Once menopause hits a person the body stops producing hormones that are responsible for reproduction. This sudden changes and cease of hormone production lead to certain physical and mental changes in the woman. The symptoms that are visible during this period are known as Menopause Symptoms.



These symptoms are more or less the same in every woman. The main reason why these symptoms are visible is because of the mood swings that happen. Sudden sweating and increase in body temperature at night are common. The face and head and upper chest suddenly get warm which leads to restlessness, excessive perspiration, redness in face and neck and difficulty in breathing. Also due to the reduced production of estrogens in the body leads to vaginal dryness. This mainly happens because of the decreased sexual interests in the body.



So what can you do in such situations? Menopause-related problems are curable. All you need is some patience and proper lifestyle. During the mid-40s and 50s, women should take the most care of themselves. Doctors recommend to eat dietary food, exercise and sleep for a longer period of time. The best Menopause Treatment is to ‘give time to yourself and get to know the inner you.’