Media Maison



The control of the print and online media and subsequent management of company and individual brand reputation is known as Public Relations (PR). The aim is to help individuals and organisations to promote and build good will with the public and ultimately their target audience or customers. Modern day PR is not just concerned with the content of print media (newspapers and magazines) but also the online world be that blogs, social media, online directory’s or review sites and even online news channels. Media Maison takes PR a step further by combining the traditional field of PR with their expertise in marketing, branding and digital media to create effective campaigns and full-service crisis management.



PR professionals can work both sides of the coin, both shutting down unwanted press attention or coverage of damaging information – for example protecting a celebrity’s family from press intrusion. They design communication and PR campaigns. coordinating press releases, rebranding, social media, setting up interviews and offering media training along with event planning.


At the heart of what the expert PR professionals do is the relationships they build, both with their clients to understand their business and the outcome they want to achieve, and with the press to trade favours and control or spin what is published about their clients.


Media Maison understands this and have long-standing relationships with both the online and print media worlds to effectively and efficiently control and communicate your public persona and ensure the right type of press.