Massage in San Francisco



For most people in our urban, hyper connected world, most days go something like this: You start by getting up very early in the morning, likely having slept less than the recommended eight hours of sleep, hurriedly get ready to go to work and get the kids ready for school without forgetting to pack lunches and find the keys that almost always seem to disappear at the worst possible time. Once you manage to get out the door and on the way to where you need to be, chances are that you, like millions of others, will also be heading in the same direction and are now struck in traffic trying to make it on time. It is still very early in the morning and your body is already producing stress hormones that begin to accumulate in your body, later producing undesired effects such as difficulty falling asleep, stress headaches, sore muscles, and tension. Once you finally make it to work, the trend just continues because now you have to worry about meeting a deadline, completing a project, reaching a sales goal, or some other work related objective. When it is finally time to get home, again you get stuck in traffic and as soon as you get home your responsibilities continue if you have a family that you need to tend to. This routine typically goes on almost every day of the week for most of the year. Do you not believe that you deserve a break now and again?


Do not wait until you can take a break and go on vacation because you do not need to wait that long to feel renewed, rejuvenated and energized. With a skillful therapeutic massage, you can be feeling as good as new in no time at all and ready to face the day and anything life throws your way.  In fact, therapeutic massage, administered by a massage therapy professional, has been shown to be effective in decreasing the typical symptoms of stress, such as soreness, tension, and unexplained random muscle pain by decreasing the levels of stress hormones in your body. With less tension and stress in your body, not only will you feel energized, but your mood can also improve and make you more effective in your day to day life.


At buddha bliss therapeutic massage, a licensed and professional provider of Massage in San Francisco, you will find a wide selection of therapeutic massage options, from reflexology, to aromatherapy, to heated stones massage services to help you achieve the relaxed and serene state you are looking for. They even have a massage specially designed for pregnant women in mind. This massage helps relieve the typical symptoms of Pregnancy, such as swollen feet, sore hips and lower back pain. Buddha bliss therapeutic massage can help you achieve and optimal state of mind and a rejuvenated body in no time at all. Take care of yourself by investing as little as thirty minutes to get a wonderfully relaxing massage.