Students will time and again find themselves in new accommodation – be it private rented flats, hostels or shared lodging for the reason of going to university, whether for the first time or coming back for the second or third year.


These students, however, are at great risk of targeted crime in the place of residence because of the expensive articles of possession like television sets, up to date laptops, entertainment equipment, sports equipment, not to mention their branded garments and shoes.



Therefore, safety and security should be their top priority. Students and their parents or guardians should question the locking systems in place. It is the landlord’s duty to hire an expert Locksmith who can install superior locks with patented keys that cannot be duplicated due to their unique design.


An extension of the skill is provided by a Cerrajero who offers a wide range of services along with expert advice. Further to making locks, their expertise covers repair of metal fasteners, the opening of doors such as residential doors to armored doors and change of locks.


They work with different types of metal closures like roller closures, closures with visibility, scissor locks and closures of the blind. They are just a call away. You can even send them a message on your phone. They are quick to respond and will be at your doorstep in minutes with highly specialized tools. Sometimes you just need to send them a picture of the door and they will suggest the appropriate lock you should buy.