Landscape Designer



The advantages of having a beautiful backyard are numerous. You can create vast and safe playground for your children. Peaceful oasis is a perfect solution for couples who like to relax. Cozy fire pit is a must for outgoing types who like to socialize and host parties. These things don’t have much in common, besides a company able to transform your yard into any of the aforementioned options.



Silver Leaf Landscapes was founded by Mr. Lindsey Zero who is a ISA Certified Arborist and Licensed Landscape Contractor. His creative mindset can turn any yard into a place of your dreams. We believe the communication is the key, so by listening to your ideas we create the best option possible for you and your family. Our landscapes are unique, original and personalized. If you like to keep it natural and blended with the surrounding, we recommend stone work, boulders, masonry and flagstone. If you prefer something more fancy and luxurious, there are always options like water features and outdoor spa area. The quality of our work is approved by Screened and Home Advisor.


While doing business with us, paperwork does not pose a problem anymore. All of the documentation is taken care of, along with the permits. You don’t have to be concerned about going over budget, since we do the budget construction and estimation.


If you are not on the hunt for a company reconstructing your whole yard, and just want someone to maintain it, we provide that kind of services too. Periodic maintenance is one of many tasks we thrive in. Moreover, our landscape designer can help you chose some simple decorations that can make a huge change, or construct landscape planes. A little goes a long way!


It’s important to emphasize that big construction jobs are not new to us either. Using the best machines handled by the best professionals in their field, we fully complete any kind of demolition, tree removal and hauling. Same goes for utility work (gas and water) and complete irrigational system installation. Safety is our priority, accordingly everything is done using the best gear and leaving perfectly clean space afterwards. In case of tree removal, services of tree installation could be helpful and eco-friendly. We can help you chose the best fit for your yard as well as the location. In case of irrigational installation, irrigation management guarantees long and successful use.


The company is based in Summerland, California and offers services mostly in Santa Barbara region. We are also available for work in Hope Ranch, Ventura, Goleta and Montecito. Contact us if you need any fine designing and construction work done. We will provide you with the best service possible and give our best to convey all of your ideas into reality.