LaFerrari Aperta Price



Are you a fan of Ferrari cars or fast cars in general? Do you marvel at the magnificent engineering and design wonders that have been lately produced by the luxury car industry? If so, we would like to suggest reading on to learn some details and characteristic information on the LaFerrari aperta Specs. The LaFerrari Aperta is the newest and most exclusive limited edition Ferrari convertible. It features an impressive futuristic look that somehow manages to preserve the identifiable characteristics of the classic Ferrari coupé look.

But it does not only preserve the look, also it retains the aerodynamic qualities of Ferrari cars. This was in fact one of the first hurdles the team of designers and engineers faced. How to overcome the aerodynamic challenge a convertible car poses? Since they wanted to make sure it was aerodynamically sound even when driven with the top down, they came to a solution: Installing an angled wind-stop positioned right behind the driver. This way the wind-stop diverts the air that enters the cabin and routes it to exit between the seats. In terms of speed and power, the LaFerrari Aperta has an impressive 6.3 liter v-12 engine that is paired up with a 120 Kw electric motor to produce a total output of 950 hp and 664 pounds of torque. In simpler terms, this translates to a maximum speed of 217 mph.

As impressive as this car is, sadly, LaFerrari Aperta Price is just prohibitive for most. After all, it is a limited luxury edition.