Kilim Pillow



If you are looking for ideas and inspiration to give your home a new look that is exciting, exotic and breathtaking,  but also affordable, then we would like to suggest looking into adding a few exotic Kilim Pillows. You have surely heard about them and seen them in fashion magazines and in the homes of celebrities, since they are fast becoming a home decoration trend due to their versatility, choice of colors and patterns, as well as their unique texture. But in case you have not heard about them or need a little reminder about them, we would like to start by providing some background on these amazing pillows and talk about why they are so great to complement the decoration of any home, and even offices. As you may have already guessed, kilim is a foreign word, originating in Turkey. This word designates a type of textile traditionally used to make rugs, but also used now to create pillows. The uniqueness of this textile  can be understood in large part due to the weaving technique used to create them. Most typical rugs found in a majority of homes and businesses are produced by weaving single strands and then holding them together from the back of the rug. Kilim, by contrast, is produced by weaving strands with each other, so that the end result is a flat weave, therefore they are sometimes also referred to as flat woven rugs. To be exact, there are several techniques to produces these flat woven textiles, but the most commonly used is a technique called slit weave. A slit woven kilim fabric can be identified by looking for tiny slits that can be found when two different color blocks meet.



Now, these tiny slits do not compromise the durability and structural soundness of the fabric because in most cases the weavers choose geometric patterns to avoid having all the slits aligned in the same place vertically, which would make the fabric slightly weaker. Instead, when geometric patterns are used, the fabric is woven tightly and no two slits align, thus producing a strong, resistant fabric with striking colors and patterns. But, if you are looking for a more understated look or are not a fan of geometric shapes, you can absolutely still find beautiful designs that include, for instance, flower patterns or just blocks of color, enabling you to decorate your home with a variety of colors, textures, and classical patterns. Depending on your particular taste and the look you want for your home or office decoration, you can choose to group several pillows and arrange them together for a very dramatic and eye popping look, or alternatively, you can get away even with using just one Kilim Pillow arranged on a chair, in the middle of a couch, or displayed in your bed, to add just an accent of color and patterns without being to scandalous. The final choice is, of course, yours. Pick the patterns and colors that best match your personal style and do not be afraid to experiment.