Kids ATVs



Off-roading vehicle options for kids include Kids ATVs or Kids Dirt Bikes. Both offer a fantastic way to get your kids outside, exploring the countryside and enjoying the thrills and spills of driving their own vehicle.


ATVs, also know as quad bikes are miniaturized four-wheel drive vehicles, adapted specially to handle rough terrain and off-road tracks. They can be gas powered or fully electric, although the all-electric models are lower powered and speed-limited, this can be an advantage if the vehicle is intended for a younger child. Further advantages of ATVs over dirt bikes is that they can handle rougher terrain, are easy to learn to drive and can carry cargo or passengers.



Kids Dirt Bikes are a cheaper entry to the world of off-roading for under 18’s. They are significantly cheaper than ATVs but actually retain their resale value much better. Although they don’t have four wheel drive their narrow and lighter frame actually means they can reach more inaccessible places down single-track trails which are impassable by ATVS. The statistics also show that they are far safer than ATVs, with fewer and less serious accidents recorded. As well as off-roading they can also be used for dirt bike racing.


Alongside making sure your Kid’s ATV or dirt bike features the best safety features and quality brakes you should kit your child out with plenty of protective gear and a well-fitting crash helmet. Ensure they receive the proper training and do not ride in conditions above their experience of skill level.