Islam was the original faith that historians believe emerged in Mecca and Medina at the end of the 6th Century. Since it’s origins, one constant principle of the faith has been the belief that women should practice modesty and in particular keep their head and breasts covered in front of any non-family male persons. The Quran teaches that women should draw cloaks around themselves so that they are not recognised or harassed. The real world interpretation of this, especially in the modern era and in countries where Muslim is not the predominant faith varies greatly, from a token headscarf covering to complete head to toe body coverage.


There are many diverse names for the distinct types of garments used to cover women’s heads and bodies. A few of the more well known are; the Hijab, a straight-forward veil or headscarf to be draped over the head and chest and secured in place usually with pins or hair grips; the Niqab gives a greater level of coverage,  being a veil that covers the lower half of the face, and in combination with a headscarf leaves just the eyes and upper eye area on show; for even more coverage the Burqa provides complete head to toe concealment, with just a translucent opening over the eyes in order to allow the wearer to see out; the Khimar, meaning ‘to cover’ is a more loose-fitting cape or veil which is designed to hide the head and chest from unwanted attention.


Alongside the various different types of headgear, traditional over-garments can also be worn which are loose fitting the hide the figure and all exposed flesh from unwelcome attention. Worn in addition to modesty headwear, a Jilbab is an Islamic-compliant garment such as a loose fitting coat of overgarment with skirt or trouser leg variants available. It is designed to cover and conceal the body and hide any view of the wearer’s figure. Khimar Sets sold by Misk of Jannah include both a Jilbab overcoat and an adaptable Head Covering which can be worn as either a Khimar, Hijab, Niqab or Burqa. The headwear is designed to be one size fits all and holds without slippage whichever way you decide to wear it. Crafted from premium quality Muslim cloth, they are suitable for all types of weather and whatever activity you have planned. You will find them comfortable and easy to wear, sweat free on hot days and warm enough even on the coldest days. Protection from the sun’s harmful rays is also afforded. Wrinkle-Free technological materials are used so no need to iron and they will stay looking good throughout the day.


Along with their Islamic Compliant Muslim Fashion clothing, Misk of Jannah retails a selection of stunning rainbow colored Quran. These are beautifully made from quality colored paper, with each chapter (juz) printed on different colored paper which makes reading or studying so much more easy and enjoyable. With durable and beautiful velvet covers available in a range of colors by request, with turquoise and magenta ready to ship now.