Jack Simony



After the latest economic crisis that affected and changed so many things in the economy around the globe, the business world has become a more complicated and competitive place both for experienced and entry level business people, but it has hit especially hard those just attempting to begin their professionals career in business or switch away from their current field and into the business world. It is now much more difficult to make it in business, despite having the best educational background, skills, and natural talent. This is why, getting all the help you need as you start building your career in business is always a great idea, particularly if you are offered personalized guidance to help you navigate the complicated intricacies of the business world, and no other is better at achieving great results in improving and sharpening your negotiation skills in the business field quite as Jack Simony.


Mr. Simony is a world renowned negotiator and businessman, highly sought after as a speaker, consultant, writer, and coach in matters such as financial, litigation, business, and, of course, negotiation. Jack Simony has a master’s degree in financial strategy, which he received from the prestigious SAID business school at Oxford university. He also acquired an additional master’s degree in business administration form the hautes etudes commerciales, located in Paris, France. Mr. Simony currently calls New York home, together with his wife and beloved children. Mr. Simony is a generous philanthropist of many worthy causes, as well as a human rights advocate.