The 21st century is truly the digital age, as increasing our world moves online there has emerged a trend for digital currencies. Fortunes are made and lost, as thousands of investors are now speculating on the future growth of cryptocurrencies. Originally designed to be a peer-to-peer electronic currency token – independent of any central bank, government or financial institution, cryptocurrencies are now the fastest growing financial investment.



Many more people are looking to get a piece of this phenomenon, dubbed by some as the gold rush of the digital era, in particular millennials who have be turned away from traditional banking investments due to their corruption and the banking crash.


Another way to invest in cryptocurrency, with the potential for huge rewards and profits, albeit with some risk attached, is to invest in Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs. As the name suggests, these give investors the opportunity to purchase new cryptocoin tokens before they are released. The hope being that by effectively buying the coins ‘off-plan’ as with property, once their true value is realized on the open market a profit can be made. Successful ICO’s in the past have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in just a few weeks.


ICO’s typically have a short investment period, sometimes just a week long, so in order to keep abreast of the calendar of events you should consult a researched and up to date ICO List such as the one kept by Coin Market Plus, which provides news and data on upcoming, live and completed ICOs.