Green Maeng Da



Are you facing trouble due to low confidence level lately? Thinking of a way out that can calm down your nerves in the hour of need? Do you need something that will bring peace to your mind and give you some psychological advantage? Well, if you are facing trouble due to these issues, then this might be the best time for you to start using Kratom Powder.


This is a widely used herb from Thailand. Although it wasn’t used by a lot of people earlier, recently it has gained huge popularity and people really understand its importance and value nowadays. With increasing popularity, there has been a lot of variety of Kratom that has hit the market lately. One of them is Maeng Da. This is basically a subtype of Kratom and is widely used as well. Three different types of Maeng Da are available in the market as well.


So, whether you are going to use Kratom or Green Maeng Da, it is completely up to your consultant to fix the dosage for you. But in case you are on your own and is looking for a simplified way to find out the kind of dosage you need, then the following information might come a little handy. Although, there isn’t much negative effect of this product, yet it is better to start with a basic dosage and then gradually increase it to the heavier one.


Normally in the beginning, you can consume 1 gm of it, the next phase will range between 2 – 3 gm, whereas for moderate users it can go up to 5 gms and for heavy dosage, you can try maximum up to 8 gm.