Fusible Link Trash Chute



 If you are a house owner, then it is most likely that you already know that it is mandatory for you to have a fusible link attached to your trash chute door. Any fire inspector will look at your trash chute door first whenever there is a fire in your trash disposal area. The reason why it is mandatory to use Fusible Link Trash Chute is that in case there is a fire in your disposal area and your fusible link is old and rusty it won’t do its job thus creating tunnel effect which will cause the fire to reach the higher grounds. It can be very dangerous especially if you have residents in your house or building.



For any responsible house owner, it is absolutely necessary to check your trash or laundry chute doors from time to time to make sure that your fusible links attached to the discharge door are in good health. If not, then you can easily replace with very little expense. If you don’t know what that is, then you can simply look it up on the internet as there are thousands of websites on the internet that will help you buy and install any Laundry Chute Fire Damper on your own. Generally, fusible links come in universal size because almost all of them use the chain feature with two hooks at each end. By law, you are required to have 165-degree fusible links attached to your chute door to prevent the fire from spreading.