Fire Curtain



Nothing seems more devastating than watching your business burning to ground, not just the expression but literally burning to ground due to an unfortunate event of fire. As the data collected from the insurance companies, nothing has done more damage than fire breaking out in a building, as their most of the insurance claims are because of fire accidents. Yes, there are several methods to prevent the fire from breaking out in the first place, but in some places such as commercial kitchens, hotels, industries etc, the probability of fire breaking out is very high. What do the buildings owners do about it? Well, as there is practically no way to stop the fire from breaking out, it could happen to anyone, although there are some effective methods to prevent or lessen the damage due to the fire. One of these effective methods is Fire Curtains, it is not a new concept, fire curtains have been around for decades and in some countries you are legally required to have fire curtains installed in your school building. Generally, fire curtains come in three categories, Fire Curtains, Smoke Curtains, and Hybrid Curtains.



The main purpose of fire curtains is to protect against fire, smoke curtains are used to stop the poisonous smoke from spreading, as most of the deaths and injuries occur because of inhaling smoke, and hybrid curtains are designed to provide you protection from both smoke and fire. Depending on the material, fire curtains are generally made from e-glass or fiberglass, since these materials are excellent for fire resistant properties. The best place for fire curtains to be installed is at the staircase, elevators, and anywhere with narrow space that allows the air to create a flow, and fire could spread through that. In most buildings fire curtains are utilized to create an escape route in case of a fire, not only that but they play a vital role in stopping the fire from spreading to other areas in order to limited the structural damage.


Traditionally, fire alarms come with their own fire alarm that could deploy whenever it detects fire. However, some fire curtains can be attached to the building’s fire alarm. Regardless of which alarm you attach it with, it is certainly a better option than manually pulling the fire curtains in an event of fire, you might not even make it in time to deploy all the fire curtains before fire wraps everything around and blocking your escape route. It is no doubt that fire accidents are truly terrifying, but you can take precautionary measures in order to stop it from doing further damage. If you are curious about fire curtains and want to know how they work, then it is advised to check out the A1S Group’s website, they have gained their reputation by being a leading manufacturer, supplier, and installer of Fire Curtains, Fire Shutters, Roll up Shutters, and Industrial Shutters. You wouldn’t need anyone else because A1S Group will you satisfied.