Fair Trade Products



When you purchase clothes, jewelry or home decor, are you concerned that the workers that made those products are exploited? Are you concerned about fair wages and safe working conditions? Are you concerned about child trafficking and labor exploitation? If those things concern you then you are aligned with our concepts. Check out the beautiful products and home decor with the Fair Trade Products and Fair Trade Home Decor mark. Fair Trade is a movement designed to help millions of workers and farmers in developing countries maintain safe working conditions and fair and prompt pay for their labor such that they can afford essentials such as food, shelter, healthcare, community development and education. Fair Trade members also practice environmental stewardship by the recycling, reusing, reducing and reclaiming of products.



When you purchase goods with the Fair Trade mark, you are paying enough to ensure that the workers and farmers who made the product and being treated with dignity and respect, have safe working conditions and are being paid fairly and promptly for their labor. This sustains and supports future development, gives workers more control over their future and protects their environment. It creates opportunities for future development and takes a stand against discrimination, unsafe work places and child trafficking and labor. You will be proud to own products with the Fair Trade mark. Our products are hand crafted by workers treated fairly. We have free shipping for purchases over $60.00.