EDDM Printing




All businesses, large and small, stand to benefit from targeted advertising campaigns, since they create a greater awareness of their product or service among potential customers who may not know of the existence of such a business in the worst case scenario, or may have known of its existence, but never really gave it a try. A targeted advertising campaign can very well be the extra nudge those customers need. As any business owner knows, every little thing done to bring in new customers counts, as it is often in those little things that financial success hides. But bringing in new customers does not necessarily involve unreasonable expenses or superhuman efforts. Almost any business can set up targeted marketing campaigns tailored to their audience and in accordance to their budget, without detriment to their effectiveness.

EDDM advertising, for instance, is one of the easiest ways to generate interest in your business, brand, or service with very little expense. EDDM stands for “every door direct mail” and is exactly what it implies. The business creates a postcard advertising their product, brand or service and mails it to a specific, chosen population within a zip code or mail carrier route. As simple as that, it allows you to control what you want potential customers to know about your business and you get to select the audience who gets your advertising in the mail, without incurring additional costs to purchase a mailing list. Without a doubt, EDDM printing is a sure way of increasing brand awareness among potential customers without representing a major business expense. But even with all its advantages, EDDM still requires some effort on the part of the business owner because he or she has to design the postcard to be mailed, print it, make sure it complies with the requirements set up by USPS for mailing, bundle it up and get it to the mail. For those short on time or those without a clue or an eye for design, it can still be a daunting task.

Fortunately, 55printing, an online provider of printing services offers, among many other services, cheap EDDM printing packages that let you sit back and relax, as they take care of every detail. This allows business owners to still create a successful targeted advertising campaign without the added stress of actually putting it together by themselves because with 55 Printing you always have an expert by your side to answer all your questions. With

55 Printing, it is all about giving you the freedom to choose, but also to assist you whenever you need some guidance. This is why you can choose to upload your own design, or use a pre-designed template. Alternatively, you can also use their free online design studio for when you want something unique, yet are not entirely confident in your design capabilities. 55printing also has fast turnaround time periods, a price match guarantee to beat any competitors out there and to make sure you get the best price around.