Do you own a server that has crashed very recently? Well, you must be facing a real problematic situation if all the .edb files have been inaccessible since the crash. There are loads of applications that use .edb files and without those files you won’t be able to use your software or applications. This is pretty obvious that you would be looking for a way out which will let you access those files so that you can put things back together.



There might be several ways to do so, but the easiest of the processes will be to convert your files from EDB to PST. If you convert them manually, it might damage your files and the .pst files might become non-readable. This is the reason why experts always suggest to use a 3rd party software which will help you not only in the conversion but also you will be able to recover all the information stored in those files. If you can find an efficient file converter, this would be very easy for you and your data will also be safe without any chance of getting corrupted on non-readable.


If you choose the right software, you will be able to more than just converting your .edb files to .pst files. It can even support OST to PST conversion as well. Ost files are one of those files which are vulnerable in server crashes, therefore this type of conversion can be truly useful for your server data. What you need to do is start with a free trial, and if you think that its working fine for you, then you can easily buy the full version of this type of softwares.