Desiree Gruber



Desiree Gruber is one of the most powerful women in business and entertainment. She is the founder and CEO of Full Picture, a  public relations, personal branding, brand management and production house. Through this multimedia agency, Ms. Gruber has been a cornerstone of some of the most memorable shows on television in recent history, helping them come to life. To name just a few, she has participated to bring to life successful shows such as Project Runway, hosted by Heidi Klum, as well as several of its spin off shows. Ms. Gruber has also participated in the production of the world famous and widely acclaimed Victoria’s Secret Fashion show.



Currently, Ms. Gruber is dedicated to investing in startup companies and help them grow and achieve their full potential to her latest business venture, Desiree Gruber DGNL ventures. At its core, DGNL is an early stage investor in start ups focusing on fashion, celebrity, technology, and lifestyle. Due to her ample experience and successful background across several industries, Ms. Gruber is able to aid these nascent companies exploit their ideas to the fullest extent.


She has been widely recognized in the media business, having been the recipient of over twenty media awards and eleven Emmy awards nominations for her work as an executive producer on Project Runway. Ms. Gruber was also honored with a Peabody award and has been profiled by several, widely published magazines, such as Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Women’s Wear Daily, Variety, O: The Oprah Magazine, and New York magazine.