Desiree Gruber DGNL



Being a successful business person, particularly for someone just starting out and venturing to make it on their own terms and with a startup company of their own, is always something difficult to do and, in fact, many enthusiastic entrepreneurs end up perishing in their attempts to turn their ideas into a success. This is particularly difficult because there is no definite road map to follow. Each entrepreneur and business person must carve their own path, but it is always helpful when you can draw inspiration from other figures who are the definition of success to get ideas and motivation about what works and what does not work in the world of business. Figuring out how to make it in business can be easier by following those who make success look easy, such as Desiree Gruber DGNL.



Desiree Gruber is a well known name in business. If you are familiar with vitamin water, victoria’s secret, project runway, or Theodora & Callum, among others, then you surely know her name, for she has been behind all of these projects and more. In fact, she has been nominated eight times for her outstanding executive producing role on Project Runway. She has also been profiled in over twenty publications such as New York Magazine, Variety, Elle, Fortune, Harper’s’ Bazaar, and many more. Her latest business venture is called Desiree Gruber DGNL Ventures where she is bringing together ideas from fashion, retail, entertainment, and technology to help make life better for many people all over the world.