Dean Myerow



Thinking about bringing a new dog into your family? Keeping a dog as a pet entails a lot of responsibility to keep the dog happy, healthy and well cared for. This inevitably adds more chores and tasks to complete day to day, but the rewards you and your family can reap from forging a deep connection with a dog can last forever. This is particularly important for small children. Growing up with a dog and learning to care for their dog can teach them very valuable lessons, such as responsibility, friendship, and loyalty. This is why choosing the right dog is so important and it is certainly a decision that should not be made lightly.



If you want to give your family this type of experience, but cannot settle on the type of dog that would suit your family best, then allow us to recommend a particularly good family friendly dog breed: The Goldendoodle. This is a relatively new cross breed, but one that is rapidly growing in popularity, particularly among families with children, and it is easy to see why. Their mild disposition and playful nature make them the perfect companion for children and grown ups alike.


If you think a goldendoodle may be the perfect addition to your home, then we would like to recommend visiting the newly launched website run by Dean Myerow dedicated entirely to informing the public about the Goldendoodle dog breed. Here you will find excellent resources to help you find your very own Goldendoodle dog.