Construction Companies in Omaha



Creating a new building, whether it is residential or commercial, is carried out by a building contractor or construction company. To begin your construction project, the first step is to create a design brief, which may even involve drawing up blueprints with the help of an architect or qualified surveyor. You also will need to plan the construction job and put in place finance to pay for both materials and workers. Many people find it helpful to employ a project manager OR construction manager to keep a watchful eye over their build and ensure that everything runs smoothly, this is quite common for large scale construction projects but can even be useful for smaller jobs. Having an experienced hand at the tiller can even save money in the long run by helping to source quality workmen, getting discounts on building materials and avoiding any costly mistakes or scheduling delays. If you are going to be carrying out the building planning yourself then be sure to take into consideration the following factors; whether planning permission is required, any building regulations or zoning rules that apply, environmental, health and safety regulations, employment contracts and safe working conditions, sourcing materials, logistics, budgeting and scheduling.



Residential property is a dwelling designed for occupation by permanent residents whether they are owners, tenants or visitors. The different types are categorized by the style of building such Condominiums, Mansions, High-Rise apartments, Terraced or Townhouses, Bungalows and other single-family dwellings. Commercials properties are classified differently, according to their intended business use, some examples include, sports facilities, hotels, restaurants and cafés (leisure), stores, supermarkets and shopping malls (retail) office buildings, and business parks (professional), factories, warehouses and research facilities (industrial) and hospitals, care homes and doctors’ surgeries (healthcare).



If you are undertaking a construction project in Omaha, Nebraska and looking through Construction Companies in Omaha then look no further than B Douglas Construction for an experienced family run firm with decades of experience in both residential and commercial construction for both small projects and grand scale operations. Contact Bryan or Dawn for a free no obligation quote and to discuss your ideas and requirements. They can help with demolition, remodeling, foundations and ground-up construction, painting and decorating, repairs, room addition or remodel, and kitchen or bathroom renovation. Owner Bryan Douglas has extensive experience in both construction and property management and a background in promoting eco-friendly land money-saving initiatives. His wife, Dawn who also works within the business is a licences realtor in the state of Nebraska.


Bringing their experience together, as well as building construction the Douglas family are also able to offer their services in Property Management in Omaha. In fact, they are able to help with the full range of property management services from liaising with tenants and organizing lock boxes and care taking services, to building management including landscaping, walk-throughs, fire and burglar alarm serving and waste management. Making running your property investment easy they can even arrange for holiday decorations to be hung for the festive period!