The acronym PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange which is the name or description given to a private telephone network which connects an internal network of users (i.e. members of an institution or employees of a company) with external uses from outside of the company or institution. A PBX operator – either an actual person or more commonly an automated system that asks the callers a series of questions with numerical answers which can be keyed into the telephone – directs calls to the intended person, department or office. As an alternative the option to record and send a voice message can also be made available. Although the term PBX may not be familiar, almost everyone will be familiar with the situation of dialling a company customer numbers, and having your call answered by a recorded voice that directs you to “press one for questions about your bill” “press two for new customers” “press three for cancellations” and so on.



More commonly these types of services, both IT infrastructure and telecommunications services are outsourced, simple because cloud-based telephone systems work so much better than the old physical infrastructure that was necessary to create a telephone network. A telephone switch (Conmutador) that runs on a virtual network is so much cheaper and quicker to implement, can adapt and accommodate changing business needs almost near instantly, is much more reliable with redundancy and built in, and with a reputable provider should be more secure with high level of security protocols and firewalls in place. By outsourcing you can harness the expertise of PBX experts and keep up to date with the latest technology for an affordable price – in many cases far cheaper than the equivalent traditional exchange.


Conmutadores is the Spanish name given to the switches that effectively create a single telephone network, joining together your existing numbers and internal networks. By creating one single network (albeit over a virtual network) in effect this joins together every single employee within your company. You can then all telephone each other and speak to each other simply by dialling an extension with no additional costs to the company. It also makes organising internal conference calls a breeze, even with large numbers of participants. With a single virtual network, you can join together or even add new local national numbers – allowing you to provide a presence in every country that you company operates.


For a premier PBX provider, you should consider Cloud Call. They offer flexible contracts, a fast setup and quick activation and world-class fail-safe infrastructure. They put you in complete control with their online control panel, giving you access to edit your phone lines, extensions, telephone numbers etc. With a dedicated client manager to ensure your system runs smoothly at all times you can feel assured of a good decision by outsourcing your telephone network. They offer a host of advanced features included in their basic packages and can even record your companies greeting and PBX system messages in your choice voice professional and language.