Car Driving Simulator



If you are paying for a physical driving instructor, lessons quickly add up and the process of learning to drive can become very expensive. It’s recommended to have driven for at least 40 hours, perhaps even in excess of 50 hours, in order to acquire the task automation skills needed to pass your test. One way to acquire the necessary experience without taking to the roads for hours on end is with a Car Driving Simulator.



This is a cheaper alternative for driving lessons as the software will recreate the experience of driving a car and provide you with a virtual reality driving instructor to teach you vehicle control, driving technique, traffic safety, road sign interpretation and the highway code. Student Assessment and Feedback is built into the trainer in order to provide a complete curriculum for rapid learning. With a car driving simulation you can experience all diverse types of road layouts and scenarios, practice roundabouts, driving on highways, intersections and even special road conditions like fog and snow – giving you vital experience and knowledge to handle these tough situations before you encounter them in the real world.


Another use of Driver Simulator for Training and Research is in human factor research and science education. Studies can be done on driving performance in relation to the effects of drugs and alcohol dosage, fatigue and drowsiness, or effects of secondary tasks and distractions. Personality studies comparing individual driving styles such as lateral control performance, risk taking and speed choice can also be investigated.