Bow Ties for Dogs



“Aarf,” says Fido the bull dog or “yip yip” says Precious the Chihuahua. Perhaps Cuddle Muffin, the Doberman Pincher says “grrrr.” Then they say, “I want to look like Paris Hilton’s dog.” Your dog is begging you for a new wardrobe. He is telling you that he is embarrassed by his old, dingy, faded clothing. He or she wants to look spiffy again. For the best bow ties for dogs visit Pets in Ties. They offer pet-friendly neck ties, bow ties, bandannas, scarfs, sweaters and jackets for your pooch at affordable prices. They even offer doggie sports jerseys! Or, as an alternative, the classy “I don’t care” padded cotton doggie jacket is always a hit. All of the colors are bright, all of the patterns clean, and all are professionally pressed so the crispest look is attained.


But your cat may be upset with his old look too. For the best bow ties for cats, visit Pets in Ties. This perfect fitting, cat enhancing couture is paws down guaranteed to give your cat greater advantages in life. Just think, mice may not run away from the debonair, the handsome cat in a sophisticated bow tie, the cool cat in a bandanna or the business cat in a neck tie. The mice could be totally confused, giving your cat the chance to swiftly pounce! Next thing you know, portions of your cat’s bounty will be left as a personal gift for you. How else will he or she show their appreciation for your gift of a new wardrobe than to leave you the mangled, headless carcass of a kill he made just for you! So visit Pets in Ties today for gifts for your pet of the best, most affordable pet couture…and who knows? You may get a gift in return!


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