Best Speech Therapist in Orange County



If your child is having communication problems, then a speech therapist can be employed to help develop their speech and language to overcome any issues. These might include semantics, language or literacy delays, social difficulties, voice irregularities and cognitive or physiological impairments that affect communication. Speech and language difficulties can negatively impact upon a child’s personal and educational development so it’s important to find a qualified and respected speech therapist. A highly recommended option for Orange County Speech Services is Avid Speech Therapy. Owner, Narissa Ventress M.A., CCC-SLP has nearly a decade of experience in both the education sector and private practice. Her passion and desire to help individuals develop speech and language at their own pace has brought the latest in cutting-edge evidence-based therapies to Avid Speech Therapy. Her training includes The Picture Exchange Communication System, The Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol, and The Hanen Programme.



Avid Speech Therapy offers a free consultation in order to discuss your requirements and find the right treatment plan. Avid Speech Therapy is passionate about creating individual bespoke therapy solutions to meet their clients’ unique needs and strive to be the Best Speech Therapist in Orange County. Their list of services includes education and consultancy along with individual and group therapy sessions. If you are worried about the cost of speech therapy they have an up-front fee schedule with half hourly rates available and accept some insurance providers, contact them for more details. Avid Speech therapy is a certified member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.