Best ENT Hospital in India



We have all heard the phrase ‘come to your senses’ meaning to stop being foolish or literally regain consciousness, but what do you do if one or more of your senses is impaired. Sense of Sound, Hearing, Touch, Taste, Smell, Balance, Temperature, Pain and Motion all act together to create your lived experience. Any change in the functioning or coordination of these senses can bring about a change in our system leading to loss of capabilities, feelings of dizziness or nausea and even affect our mood and state of mental health. Even a sense which you think might not be essential for your well-being can have a profound affect; as an example, the loss of a sense of smell has been clearly linked by scientific study to feelings of despair and clinical depression. It’s not difficult to see that even a slight change in your sensory perception can have wide-ranging effects. To find out more you will likely need to consult with a specialist in the field of Ear, Nose and Throat medicine, known as an ENT Specialist.


Located in Hyderabad, Dr. Rao’s ENT Super Speciality Hospital is the Best ENT hospital in India with treatment facilities, amenities and healthcare staff all in place to provide leading ENT speciality services for every ENT condition. The specialist infrastructure allows for India’s largest and best equipped ENT Super Speciality Hospital, designed for maximum safety, comfort and functionality. Whatever your ENT issues, they can provide world-class treatments, the latest facilities and equipment and a team of extremely capable and qualified doctors, surgeons and paramedic staff with the latest training on medical advancements and patient care. NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers) compliance ensures the hospital design is up to the most stringent criteria for patient safety and comfort.



The ultra-modern hospital building houses a wealth of exceptional amenities and facilities. The complex includes a 100-bed air-conditioned facility, seven out-patient departments, a pharmacy, casualty, specialist diagnosis units, a specialised ICU and specialist laboratories. Alongside the medical facilities, amenities are well provided for with a cafeteria, suite and deluxe rooms, dining rooms, staff library, doctors lounges and ample vehicle parking. It really is the complete solution for EMT care. There is even a conference and training feature with a sound and vision enabled 150-seater auditorium.


Dr. G.V.S. Rao, India’s eminent ENT surgeon, founded his hospital with a mission to provide courtesy, compassion and commitment and bring cutting-edge ENT medical care. By providing world-class facilities, training and standards you can be assured to find here the Best ENT specialist in Hyderabad. Upholding Dr Rao’s values of Excellence, Nobility and Trustworthiness, they aim to surpass expectations, while acting honestly and transparently with an inclusive approach to caring for all patrons. Speciality services cover Ear Anatomy, Cochlear Replacement, Skeletal Surgery, Allergic Rhinitis, Vocal Surgery, Surgery for Speech or Swallowing difficulties, Sleep Apnoea or Snoring Surgery, Rhinoplasty, Facial Plastic Surgery, and more; to ensure that whatever EMT issue you may have, expert care is readily available.