Best Classified Website Solution



Gone are the days, when you have to spend your time head-banging over the content management on your website. WordPress is dominating in that market by powering over 58% of the websites. When WordPress first started out, most website owners didn’t bother with the custom themes, because it is not a good impression, if all the websites are running the same theme.


However, after introducing WordPress’s premium themes, everyone is using them for fit their needs. If you are one of those users that are looking for the Best Classified Website Solution, then it is time for you to introduce ClassiAds in your life. It is considered to be the best-classified ads theme with a long list of powerful features. ClassiAds currently has over 4000 active users and the numbers are going up every day. If you want to take advantage of the features then you can use their free plan, but some of the features will only be available after you switch to the premium plan.


It is good for such users that want to test it out beforehand. ClassiAds was built with HTML5 and CSS3 with a messaging, user verification, bidding, and radius search system. This is just the few of the amazing features this theme has to offer. If you want to know what makes ClassiAds simply the Best Classified Ads WordPress Theme, then you need to head over to their website and get to know all of the features and the reviews of the users in order to understand it better.