Android Fastboot Tool



Android devices generally come with a fastboot mode, accessible to the user. For example, on nexus devices this fastboot mode can be turned on by default. Where it is not available by default, it can also be creates, as several independent developers have created software that enables this fastboot mode. But why you, as an android device owner, be interested at all in these technical aspects and be interested in understanding what an Android Fastboot Tool even is and why would it be useful to you? Here we have set out to give a brief account of what this often misunderstood tools can do for you and your device and why you might be interested in using it sometime in the future.


To begin with, let us first make it clear that a fastboot tool is nothing more than a piece of software that enabled your android device to establish communication with a computer via a usb connection. Once this communication is set up, then you can boot your device on fastboot mode and that is where the magic of Flashing Tools begins because now you are able to modify the file system images on your device. Another typical use of fastboot tools is to do a reset to factory settings without needing to be signed by a specific key. If you do attempt this, just make sure to know exactly what you are doing, to avoid incurring in unintended changes on your device and use these tools with the utmost care.