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Halcyon innovation is a service provider of app development in Los Angeles and Santa Monica for Android and iOS, as well as website development for startups and all types of businesses. Halcyon innovation offers complete service packages for any type of needs for all businesses and budgets. All their packages include legal limited liability company formation in California, as well as design, development and social media services. Their small app package includes at least ten hours of design, with a maximum of twenty hours to make sure that your business image is reflected in your app. Also, fifty to one hundred hours of development are included in the small app package, as well as a sixty day social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter to get your new app out in the public and generate more business for your company. If the needs of our company are more ambitious, Halcyon innovation also offers a medium app package, with twenty to fifty hours of design and 100 to 250 hours of development. This means a more streamlined look and more time spent in planning and executing your app for an even more flawless app. Also, the medium package includes a ninety day social media campaign. Finally, for larger businesses, the large app package includes patent search and trademark filing, on top of LLC formation, which is included in the small and medium packages. In addition, the large app package also delivers over seventy five design hours, and more than five hundred development hours as well as an extensive social media campaign lasting over three months. All of these packages are reasonably priced and tailored to the individual needs of each business.

With over a decade of experience in the app development industry, Halcyon innovation is an established app business solution provider for iOS and android app development. How can you distinguish a professional app developer from an unprofessional one? Well, there are several factors to consider. First, look at their previous work to assess their true level of expertise. At Halcyon innovation, you can visit their website to check out their extensive portfolio of past work, available for you to peruse. If you are considering another app developer, make sure their portfolio is at least comparable to the one Halcyon innovation has assembled. Another factor is the types of services provided and the terms of those services. As noted before, Halcyon innovation offers complete packages, with clear terms of services. Make sure your app developer listens to your needs and establishes a clear timeline and plan for your app. After all, you need an app developer who listens to your needs and appropriates your own vision to their app development process, since this ensures that your finished app will actually reflect your business image.

For more information and details on the specifics of each of the services offered by Halcyon innovation, visit their website at Get in touch with them to begin a pleasant app developing experience and help your business grow.