Accident Compensation Claim Solicitors



The area of law that deals with claims for compensation following an accident or injury is known as Personal Injury Law. Accident Compensation Claim Solicitors work in this field and use their expertise to assist their clients in making claims against parties at fault for their injuries, including workplace injuries and psychological injuries. In the UK many personal injury solicitors will work on a no-win, no-fee basis, known also as a conditional fee arrangement. They won’t charge any upfront fee or costs to their client for their work on the case and will recuperate their costs either from the financial settlement awarded or from the defendant’s insurers. If your case is unsuccessful, and no money is awarded, they will write off their costs, so you are not left out-of-pocket. This means that the wronged party can see justice and restitution at no risk to themselves.


Along with damages awarded for pain and suffering – which will likely be assessed by a medical consultant – special damages can be awarded to cover loss of past or future earnings, your medical costs for treatment and ongoing care, any costs associated with property or vehicle damage and your out of pocket expenses which may include vehicle hire or temporary accommodation.


Mental injury is recognised as well as physical injury, and specialist Work Stress Solicitors are available to advise on the types of psychological damage that can result in an award of compensation such as mental breakdown or the various forms of PTSD.