Functional Medicine

If you have Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) or any other digestive disorder, have spent years trying to find relief and are interested in a natural treatment for Chron’s and Colitis, then keep reading because this article may help you! Those who suffer from digestive disorders know the embarrassment of having to find a bathroom quickly every time they go out in public or not going out at all to avoid such bathroom trips. They also know the struggle of having to eliminate or avoid certain foods, or at times not being able to keep anything down.

“Chron’s and Colitis Fix” is a new book that contains a ten-week functional medicine treatment plan for those who suffer from digestive disorders. The book was written by Dr. Inna Lukyanovsky who is a functional medicine doctor, gut health expert and longtime Chron’s patient. She takes a different approach to treating digestive disorders which she discovered in her many years of studying them. She found that once your gut flora is balanced and you treat your gut health, the rest will follow. Your digestive health will improve, and you can even reverse your symptoms. She currently has her Chron’s in remission. 

This book does in ten weeks what others have struggled many years to accomplish. Once you get your gut health in check, you will notice fewer digestive problems including less trips to the bathroom. You will also notice that you are able to do more things because you have more energy. Visit the website for more information.

Spray Foam Insulation

Insulation in the walls, roofs and floors of buildings can have many purposes, including creating a soundproof barrier. But the main reason a home or building may be insulated is for thermal purposes, or to reduce heat loss and gain. Proper insulation keeps heat from being trapped or escaping, resulting in a regulated temperature within a home or building. Not only is this good for the environment, but it also keeps you from having a high electric bill. There are many materials that are used for insulation. Among these are fiberglass, mineral wool and polyurethane or spray foam insulation. Foam insulation is applied just as the name suggests; it is sprayed onto the surface. It comes out in liquid form and then expands to fill whatever surface it is insulating. After it has expanded, the foam hardens. The hardened foam creates a heat-resistant and waterproof barrier.

The foam can be used on a variety of surfaces including asbestos sheeting, concrete, breezeblock, wood, metal and brick. This form of insulation is rapidly becoming one of the most preferred forms of insulation. Since it can be used minimally and expands, it can be used in areas that are already insulated but were poorly insulated and need spaces filled in. Foam insulation is one of the most environmentally friendly, affordable and durable forms of insulation. The application process does not take long. It just depends on the size of the building being insulated. And once the foam has been applied, it just takes a few minutes for the foam to expand in size and get hard.

Foam spray insulation can expand in size as much as 25 times its original form. It also protects buildings and homes from conduction, convection and radiation. These are the three main culprits of heat loss. All insulation should be properly handled, or it can harmful to your health as well as cause damage to your home. The fumes from the foam can be dangerous if inhaled and it should not touch your skin. So, you should not try to do insulation on your own. You should leave that up to the professionals. If you live in the United Kingdom, find out if you are within the service area of Foam Spray Insulation Ltd. This is one of the leading insulation companies in the country and has been providing insulation services for the past 25 years. They only use materials that are manufactured by a local company, Isothane Ltd, and that meet the current building and fire regulations. After you contact the company, a technician will come and survey your property. This will help them make sure you get all that you can out of the insulation they provide and give you as close to accurate of a quote as they can. They will calculate the u-value of the property and perform a risk assessment. Then they can give you an approximate time frame depending on the size of your property, as well as an approximate quote for how much it will cost you.