Video Nadzor



If you ask any business owner about their number one priority when it comes to running the business, it is certain that most of them will reply with one word ‘Safety’. That is true, therr no room you can spare when to comes to protecting your business. Not just your business but your home as well. Your home is the place where you spend most of your time, and it has done everything to keep you warm and safe. It’s time for you to pay it back by protecting it from anyone preying on it with ill intentions.



You can buy a surveillance camera from Video Nazdor‘s online store, it will help you monitor everything that goes around your house. It is the same thing with the business, having surveillance cameras at the business premises is an obligatory task at this point. Most business owners prefer to have a security guard present at the location as well, however, when it comes to protecting your business you need to cover all grounds, and have surveillance cameras installed.


There was a time when surveillance cameras used the good old analog technology and only record whatever happens at your business or home. However, as the technology has advanced these past years, you can now have the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) installed at the business location. It wil help you watch the live footage from your Kamere Za Video Nadzor directly to your phone, as long as you’re connected to the internet.