Onward Ticket



There was a time when you couldn’t even visit all the countries on the map. Having just a passport was a huge deal back then, and with that, you could go to any place. However, this is not the case anymore. If you are a frequent traveler then you already know the importance of having an Onward Ticket with you when you are visiting a country for a short while. If you are a new traveler and don’t know what is the purpose of onward tickets when you come to the right place.



Whenever you enter a country with your visiting visa, the authorities will ask you to show the documents that state that you have plans of leaving the country. It is a mandatory procedure for a lot of countries to have onward documents with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should have an onward ticket with you, you can also show any sort of onward documents that prove that you will be in fact the country.


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